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What to Watch While Stuck At Home

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We lined up a series of shows you can watch on Apple TV Plus so you won't have to. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these shows.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show stars Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon, Emmy winner Jennifer Aniston, and Golden Globe winner Steve Carell in a high-stakes drama that pulls back the curtain on the morning news.

Oprah’s Book Club

Watch real and raw conversations about books and its societal effect.


Kids get to enjoy Apple TV Plus as much as you do. Helpsters are from the makers of Sesame's Street, teaching your kids good deeds everyday.


Get your teens hooked to magic and mystery.

For All Mankind

Putting women in science. "Told through the lives of NASA astronauts, engineers and their families, For All Mankind presents an aspirational world where NASA and the space program remained a priority and a focal point of our hopes and dreams."


Central Park

A comedic musical animation. Watch Central Park on May 29 on Apple TV Plus

Beastie Boys Story

Where are the Beastie Boys now? From amateur rappers to inspiring the world. Watch Beastie Boys Story on April 24 on Apple TV Plus

Home Before Dark

An aspiring young reporter set to discover an unsolved case that involved her dad. Home Before Dark premieres April 3 on Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is free for a year with your recently bought device. Try it out for 7 days free here.

Students get an exclusive free access to the Apple TV Plus when bundled with Apple Music for Php 69 per month. Check out Apple Music here.

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