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How to get your smartphone and iPad's trade in value

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Want to know your smartphone and iPad's trade in value before coming in stores? Here's how in five easy steps.

Trade in is a program at Switch that lets you trade in your smartphone, iPad, and Apple Watch for instant store credits which you can use towards a purchase of an iPhone, Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple accessories or any premium accessories in store.

The trade-in value will depend entirely on the condition of your device. We use an app-based diagnostics to know your device's condition, and now you can do the same right at the comfort of your own home with the Instacash app!

Note: App not available for Apple Watch. Please visit us to get your Watch's trade in value.

1. To start, check out this list of eligible phones for trade in.

If your smartphone, iPad, and Apple Watch is on the list then you're good to go!

To know your Apple Watch's trade in value, come visit us instores.

2. Next, back up your data and make sure your iOS, iPad OS, or Android OS is up to date.

The trade in app is compatible for iOS 10 & above, iPadOS, and Android. All Apple Watch models and select iPad and iPhone models are unavailable for in-app assessment. You may visit us instores for a manual assessment test.

Here's a checklist on what to prepare before performing the diagnostics test.

3. Scan this QR code to download the Instacash trade in app.

Scan me to download the Instacash App

4. Input or scan the store code of your preferred Switch branch.

Select the Switch branch where you want to trade in your smartphone, iPad, Apple Watch. You can either enter the store code/store token then submit or you can scan the code to start the test.

5. Go through the in-app phone assessment to get your trade in value.

The assessment includes the following:

a. Dead Pixel Test

You will be asked to watch out for any black or white spots on the white screen.

b. Fill in the screen

You will have to fill in all the white blocks with green by dragging your finger across the whole screen.

c. Rotate your phone

Enable your auto-rotation and rotate to landscape then portrait.

d. Proximity Sensor Testing

Place your palm infront of the screen as shown and wave.

e. Volume up and down

Click your volume up and down button until both symbols on screen turn green.

f. Auto-Focus test on Camera

Focus your camera on a subject and snap a picture

g. Authenticate Touch ID (if applicable)

Enter your Touch ID.

h. Turn on Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi

Turn on your bluetooth, GPS and Wifi to let the app check your network.

I. Input details about your phone

After the assessment, the app will ask you about the condition of your LCD/Screen glass, Network and iCloud setting, and Device Body.

j. Input your personal details

Fill up your name, email, mobile number, and read & accept the terms and conditions.

Note: Skipping steps may result to a lower trade-in value due to incorrect diagnosis. 

After the assessment, the app will show you the offered price or estimated amount of your device along with a reference number. Take note of the reference number if you want to see your quotation on the app but don't want to go through the assessment again.

6. Trade in at Switch

If you're satisfied with the value of your smartphone and/or iPad, you can proceed to any Switch store for a trade in! It's as simple as that. Please don't forget to bring one (1) valid government-issued ID.

If you're having trouble going through the in-app assessment, you are always welcome to visit us instore and we will assist you in getting your phone's trade in value.

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