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Switch is looking for a Facility and Builds Assistant

Become a Facility and Builds Assistant and help us maintain safety while ensuring a great customer experience.

Safety is an essential aspect in delivering a great customer experience and it could start with you. Switch is looking for a a Facility and Builds Assistant to be based in Luzon and VisMin area.

As a Facility and Builds Assistant, you will help oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of a building or facility with the Facility Manager. Some of your main task include processing and collecting permits, assisting and coordinating with Facility Manager, Area Managers/Store Managers and Operation Managers, managing quality control, and the like.

You will be entrusted with a priceless and fulfilling responsibility - provide safety to all.

Your Duties and Responsibilities

  • Spearhead with the processing and collecting of store permits like building permits, occupancy permits, or as simple as work permits.

  • Coordinate with Facility Manager and Area/Store Manager to immediately address or resolve any facility concern in stores and work areas

  • Assist the Facility Manager in attaining Apple compliances.

  • Work closely with management, mall admin, and other necessary parties to make sure the job gets done. You will be reporting and pitching in ideas on how to resolve a facility concern the best way possible.

  • Quality control. You will make sure that cleaning, upkeep, and safety standards are maintained or efficiencies are discovered.

  • Perform and manage ongoing preventive maintenance and repair work on facility mechanical, electrical, and other installed systems

  • Maintain all AC system-associated equipment, electrical equipment, plumbing systems, store management system, and store repairs

  • Perform facility inspections and report on condition affecting operations

  • Prepare and submit summary reports of store conditions and recommend actions to be taken

  • Review and understand equipment and methods of operation, like fire/life safety and other systems

  • Comply with all safety procedures and requirements

  • Work with Operations manager for space planning of upcoming stores

  • Maintain compliance to city ordinances, permits and codes

  • Support any after-hours store needs and activities as required

  • Respond to emergencies if needed

  • Other tasks assigned as requested

Your Qualifications and Skills

  • Be a college graduate of Architecture or Civil Engineering

  • Have 2 to 3 years of related experience

  • Have strong mechanical and technical aptitude

  • Excellent computer literacy and AutoCAD proficiency

  • Be able to communicate effectively both oral and written

  • Be able to maintain detailed and accurate reports

  • Be able to establish and maintain a good working relationship with contractors

  • Must be able to interpret information regarding store builds and maintenance and make decisions based on needs and budget concerns

  • Have strong decision-making skills and can make a quick fix to all facility concern as this affect our customer experience

  • Love ideas of teamwork, excellence, innovation, trust, and respect

  • Be willing to travel to out of town branches in Luzon and VisMin area.

  • Be able to handle a flexible schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

At Switch, we think different but we work as one. We believe that success is a progressing journey of constant learning, improvement, and growth everyday. We help each other overcome any challenge and we don't settle for less. We value trust and respect for one another and work collaboratively with a can-do attitude.

Join us and grow your career while enriching people’s lives through technology at Switch! Submit your application letter and updated resume to jobs@switch.com.ph

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