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Organize your thoughts better with these apps

It's easy to get lost in your mind map especially if you have a lot of to do's on your plate.

Whether you're getting ready for a report or arranging an event, sometimes you need more than a simple list. You need hierarchy. And headings. Maybe a way to show relationships among items. What you need is an outliner. These apps help you visualize, organize, and execute projects. Bullet points optional. Get started with organizing your tasks better with these apps:

1. TaskPaper

This app is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create an outline or a list: type a hyphen and a space to create a list item; press Tab to indent it. Create a new header by ending a line with a colon. Yet TaskPaper is powerful enough to create complex outlines with headings and sections too. And because its documents are in plain text, you can view and edit them in any app.

2. Outliney

This app is a markdown text editor at heart, the app is robust enough to serve as your go-to outlining and writing app. It keeps these documents organized in a single library and syncs them among all your devices with its companion iPhone and iPad apps.

3. OmniOutliner

This pro-level tool offers a range of customizable formats and templates, powerful styling options and shortcuts for nearly every command, allowing you to create beautiful outlines without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. And OmniOutliner documents sync to the cloud, which means you can edit them on any device.

4. MindNode

MindNode's elegant, tree-like mind maps let you organize your ideas in ways a strict online can't. Move items freely and define relationships as you visualize your project - and its evolution. Export the final result to PDF, OMPL (a standard outline format), Markdown and more.

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