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iPhone Myths Debunked

We hear you! Some people hesitate on whether they should get an iPhone or not. In this article, we're debunking some of the most commonly asked questions about the iPhone.

1. "I won't be able to move photos and other files from my old phone to iPhone"

FALSE. You can move your files easily with Move to iOS or manually move content to files app. Here's how:

2. "The App Store has the same apps as Android but none of them are free"

FALSE. Many great Apps are exclusive to the App store. And 84% of them are free.

3. "Doing everyday things on an iPhone will feel different from what I'm used to"

TRUE. iPhone is designed to be easy to use. So you can quickly get familiar easily with new ways to do things. Watch this:

4. "iPhone is not customizable like other phones"

FALSE. Widgets, wallpaper, accessories, and accessibility features make iPhone highly personal and easy to use.

5. "iPhone can work with my PC and bluetooth accessories"

TRUE. iPhone works with PCs and can quickly connect to the bluetooth accessories that you already own.

6. "iPhone won't work with the Apps I use now, like Microsoft office & Google apps"

FALSE. Microsoft & Google create dozens of apps for iOS, so you can keep using the apps you know.

7. "Facial recognition on iPhone is less secure than a fingerprint."

FALSE. Face ID is the most secure facial authentication on a smartphone - even more secure than a Touch ID.

8. "iPhone performance is slow because it does not have much RAM compared to other phones."

FALSE. Fast performance on iPhone comes from hardware and software that are designed together - not just RAM. Check out these games you can play on your iPhone:

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