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iPhone Hidden Features

Think you know your iPhone? Check out these three hidden iPhone features that you can use and share to amaze your friends!

1.    Delete digits in your calculator app

Just swipe your finger to the left of the number to clear the last digit.

2.    Boost up your iPhone speakers

This will make your speaker louder, especially in crowded noisy spaces. It works for Apple Music and Spotify. To enable this feature:

-      Select settings

-      Select music

-      Select EQ

-      Pick “Late Night”

3.    Set a sleep timer for your music

Use this feature at bedtime to turn off your music while you fall asleep listening to it. To access this feature:

-      Open the clock app and set the timer for how long you want the music to play

-      Tap “when timer ends”

-      Scroll down & choose “stop playing”

Your iPhone can do a lot more than what you think. What hidden tip did you like the most?

Feel free to comment below other hidden tips and tricks you know about the iPhone!

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