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4 reasons why you should get an iPad for school

As generations grow into the digital age, learning becomes more advanced, versatile, and demanding. Curriculums that involve technology are slowly being integrated in education institutions like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Coding, and the like which is why iPad is the perfect learning companion. iPad is the powerful way to explore, create, and learn.

Here are 4 reasons why:

Loaded but lightweight.

The iPad is built with advanced technology for all types of students. iPad has multi-touch for easy tapping, swiping, dragging and dropping, which gives the students an immersive experience to fully engaged in what they're learning.

The iPad is also designed with features for vision, hearing, physical & motor skills, and learning & literacy. Students can use Speak Screen to read contents aloud for those who can't see or who learn better by listening. VoiceOver is another feature that can tell students what’s happening on their screen, so they can navigate their device just by listening. iPad is built for all the ways you love to learn.

Powerful for anything and everything.

The iPad packs enough power to empower students. Can it be a desktop? No, but it can perform like one. Edit 4K videos, build 3D models, discover Augmented Reality, and more!

Maximize productivity by using multiple apps at once. Write a book report in Pages while referencing the book in iBooks at the same same through Split View. Switch apps quickly using the Dock and move one content from one app to another using Drag and Drop. The possibilities are endless with just the touch of a finger.

Eco-friendly and Budget-friendly for all types of masterpiece.

With the Apple Pencil, the iPad is all they'll need to take notes, create art, make a film, and anything else.

The Apple Pencil feels familiar and is built with lightning-fast responsiveness for a smooth and natural experience. Worry not about wasting paper, sharpening pencils, buying costly art materials, and carrying a big camera because with the iPad, it's all in one.

Portable and long-lasting.

Wherever and whenever, the iPad is ready when you are. The iPad is light enough (only weighing at 469 grams) to carry around the classroom, in field trips, in study outs and just about anywhere learning takes the student.

The iPad is durable inside and out. Aside from its aluminum unibody construction, the iPad is built with an all-day battery life. Always stay connected with Superfast 802.11ac Wi-Fi and never worry about space running out with iCloud.

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