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How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We've got tips on how you can still be productive while working offsite. Virus or no virus, here are some effective ways on how to get you going day in and out even when your superiors are not around.

1. Stick to a routine

Lay out your deliverables for the day and make sure you accomplish them. Tools like ASANA help you jot down your to do's or go for the pen and paper type. Whichever makes you more comfortable is OK.

Plus, it also helps if you get dressed in the morning. This stimulates an experience of still going to work and getting your day started freshened up. It's always nice to smell nice and look nice!

2. Set up your workspace

Designate a certain spot in your house to be your workspace. Set boundaries with your housemates and let them know your work hours to avoid distractions.

3. Don't go to non-work appointments in the middle of the day

To make sure that workflows and accountabilities are met, let's keep working hours strictly for work.

4. Check in with co-workers or your heads several times a day.

Keeping an open communication with your teammates is key to make sure that the entire team is ticking off essential goals for the day or week. It helps you fast track approvals and getting clarifications on certain tasks that you may have missed on.

You may even ping yourselves once in awhile on Slack channels (or whichever apps you use to communicate with your team) just to notify each other that you're already available.

5. Make use of productivity tools

Using Slack or Zoom can help you communicate with your team effectively and efficiently. You may also work on a project remotely in Keynote, Pages, and Numbers by storing the file in the iCloud and inviting your teammates to edit. Just click Collaborate on the toolbar menu.

6. Enjoy your flexibility

Stand, walk, or take scheduled breaks at your pace to help boost your creativity. You'll never know, a new work process may pop out your mind while you take your break.

Besides, it also helps you calm down whenever you are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you have to accomplish.

7. Keep a full stomach

Let's face it, it's hard to stay focused with a grumbling stomach but please stay away from the kitchen. Staying near the kitchen may cause you to be more distracted than productive. A best practice you can work with is to keep an ample amount of snacks beside you so you get to fill up from time to time during your scheduled breaks.

8. Sanitize your devices

While working offsite, it is still recommended to keep your devices clean. You may use 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox wipes to clean your devices. However, make sure to use lint-free cloth to disinfect your Macs. Avoid moisture seeping through your keyboards and other peripherals.

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