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How to stay motivated for an active lifestyle?

There are some days when you feel like you are not at 100% and that's completely okay. Here are some tips to keep yourself motivated to finish and fulfill your new year, new self goals! #LimitlessbySwitch

1. Have a go to workout playlist

Get the best songs to hype you up for your workout. Different kinds of music invoke various feelings, here's our workout playlist suggestions for you or better yet - create your own on Apple music!


2. Plan out a workout that is fit for you

Make sure your workout fits your lifestyle. It is best do research on your MacBook first before you commit to any workout. You may also consult with a professional to be safe. Always remember to keep your goal as your core whether it be a DIY workout or when you are joining workout classes.

3. Celebrate your milestones

Track progress when you close rings on your Apple Watch. After you do, reward yourself for a job well done. And no, do not eat those sweets just yet! Why don't you try a relaxing massage for a change? Or watch a movie if that's not your thing. Your milestones maybe as simple as reaching 10,000 steps for 1 day but hey, you worked for it. Small successes always lead to bigger ones.

4. Build a positive mindset

A tried and tested strategy to stay committed to what you are doing is to love it and be passionate about it. Always remind yourself why you are on your fitness journey. Believing you can do it is a great foot forward to actually achieving your dream body. Adding simple notes while you alarm to start your workout on your iPhone would surely help a lot.

5. Commit to your workout

Share your journey with people you trust. Putting it out there builds a sense of accountability for you to actually continue for your own well-being. Plus, the happy hormones that your body produces after workouts would definitely affect your overall health may it be at work or your daily routine.

So chin up and keep going. We got your back. Your road to a healthier lifestyle is achievable.

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