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How to stay fit with a desk job?

We all know the struggle of trying to find time in between and after working hours to stay fit and healthy. We guess its safe to assume that most of the time, we succumb to rest and sleep instead. Don’t worry, we’re not judging! We know how you feel especially with the traffic situation around the metro.

It’s already been proven that living a sedentary life leads to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and many other chronic diseases.

Instead of sulking into sadness, we’ll teach you how to reach your goals without compromising both your health and your job. #LimitlessbySwitch

1. Fit in a quick workout session

Multi-task, if you have time for social media then you definitely have time to workout! There are different kinds of high intensity workouts you can do at home or anywhere you wish. Download fitness apps on your iPad or iPhone to guide you with these or simply follow online workout videos. Plus, get the AirPods it’s definitely gonna stay in your ear all throughout your session without wires getting in the way.

2. Stand and walk around

Stretch those muscles! Make it a point to stand and walk around the office from time to time. Use your Apple Watch to remind you to do so. After your quick powerwalks, you can also check your Blood Pressure by running it straight from your watch.

3. Make it a team effort

Challenge your friends! We all know that a healthy competition can be a great motivation while you achieve your goals. Close your rings while knowing how your friends are doing with theirs and make it even livelier - dare your friend with an extra workout. You can collaborate all these with your Apple Watch.

4. Eat healthy

All of your efforts will be thrown into waste if you do not change your lifestyle entirely. Make it a point to shift your eating habits to healthier options. Track your calorie intake with your iPhone.

Of course, there is no easy fix when you want to live healthier. At the end of the day, it will always take an extra effort to achieve being limitless. Commit to a new lifestyle today! #LimitlessbySwitch

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