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How to stay fit on a budget?

Burn out those calories without burning your wallet.

Balancing your budget on daily expenses and working out can be difficult. Thankfully, there are ways to cut down on your expenses and refocusing it on investments that matter more in the long run. We'll give you practical tips on how to be limitless without overspending! #LimitlessBySwitch

1. Skip out on ride-sharing apps

As cliche as it sounds, walking to places you can reach by foot or biking to those areas will save you a hundred more pesos for your other needs. Walking doubles as your cardio and adds on to your step count! Track these straight from your Apple watch and iPhone.

2. DIY your workouts

Research and reading through is the key to get the results you want. By reading more about different workouts you are able to fit it with your current diet. However, this does not replace professional help. It would be best if you still consult experts from time to time. Make your DIY workouts more fun and creative. Did you know that you can use your iPad and pencil to draw and jot down your daily routine? Give it a try.

3. Invest on equipment

It would not hurt to invest on equipment you can use for your workouts or find some DIY alternatives at home. Some recommendations are the Apple Watch to track your progress, Dumbbells, Fitness Balls, jump rope, and an elastic band.

4. Get a workout buddy

As the good old saying goes - no man is an island. It is more fun and motivating if you workout with your friends. Challenge them to close their Apple Watch rings while you enjoy and achieve fitness goals all together!

5. Set goals that you can achieve

Celebrate little wins. It is great to acknowledge your little victories because those little steps contribute to your larger goal. It also helps you stay focused along the way.

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