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How to Stay Connected and Safe during Quarantine

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Plenty of you may have already discovered that your most loved devices are more powerful than you think. We'll lay out a couple of ways on how to stay updated with what's happening in your neighborhood, country, and around the globe.

Yes, we are not exaggerating. We'll share with you some tips that will keep you safe not only during this crisis but through your day to day life.

1. Create an iMessage group to update yourselves with the latest news

Be updated on the latest happenings around your neighborhood or even your friends and loved ones across the globe with iMessage. With group iMessage, you can instantly share news and updates within yourselves.

How to set up a group iMessage

Step 1: Open your iPhone and click on the Message App

Step 2: Start a new conversation by clicking the top right icon on your app

Step 3: Enter your friends names on the search bar

Step 4: Start your conversation

Watch this short clip to learn more

Group chat getting too noisy?

Here is how you can mute your group chats

Make your group chats quirky by sending GIFs and Memoji's

How to send GIFs

How to create your own Memoji

Using iMessage is free as long as you are connected to an internet source.

2. Have scheduled FaceTime calls to check up on each other

Take your updates a notch higher with Group FaceTime. Now you do not only get to send messages but actually see each other live!

Here's how

3. Follow news outlet apps and turn on in-app notifications

Download reputable news apps, stream, or search updates on the web.

News Apps you can download




Inquirer Mobile

CNN: Breaking US & World News

BBC News

Google News

Here's how you turn on in-app notifications

4. Add emergency contacts on your iPhone & Health App

With the Health App, you can set up your medical ID and emergency contacts so health professionals can know your medical details and who to contact in times of emergency.

Read how to set up your Medical ID here.

5. Make your Mac or iPad background a list of emergency government contacts

A way to stay alert and always ready is to make sure you've got emergency responders on standby. Save on paper by making these numbers your Mac or iPad background. Plus, you even get to subconsciously memorize the numbers to call.

Download this image and make it your background.

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