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How to dispose used smartphones the smart and sustainable way

Make what's good for you better for everyone else. It's time for a change.

Did you know that the Philippines produced approximately 22 million units of mobile phone waste in 2016? And according to this research, the country is predicted to produce over 24.9 million units by 2021!

Also stated in the same study, their survey found that 95 percent or almost all the respondents have no idea about proper waste disposal of mobile phones. This is quite alarming because improper disposal of electronic waste leads to environmental and health risks.

But don't fret! Together, we can make a great change that will leave a lasting impact for the planet, even if it starts in our own little ways.

Trade In Program at Switch

At Switch, you can trade in your used smartphone for instant store credit. You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give.

If it’s in good condition, we’ll help it go to a new owner. If it can no longer be used, we’ll send it to our recycling partner, so we can save more precious materials and take less from the earth.

You get your dream Apple device or premium accessories without paying the full price, PLUS you contributed in saving the environment by properly disposing your smartphone. It's a small deed that will garner great results for our planet.

Do your part. Trade in at your local Switch today!

Want to know what to prepare and how much your smartphone may value? Learn more here.

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