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How to close activity rings while you're at home

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

People are getting more and more creative with how to make home fitness exciting and different. A way to boost your immune system and defend yourself against the pandemic is to eat healthy and stay active.

According to Healthline, sweating is medically linked to releasing toxins in your body to help you fight diseases and other impending health conditions, regulate your body temperature, and improve your mood among other benefits.

How do you know that it's time to work out? Simple— if your home quarantine snack stash is at danger level only after a week of social distancing. Kidding aside, setting up your home workout is not as intimidating as you think. We'll let you in a couple of hacks on free exercises you can do from home.

Before we begin, remember to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch to help you accurately track your movement.

1. Create homemade obstacles or fitness equipment

You may repurpose your everyday furniture to home made obstacles. Doing so helps you challenge yourself better while trying out new fitness routines.

2. Jog around your house

This is self-explanatory, you do not need nothing else besides yourself, your favorite pair of sneakers, and your Apple watch to get those steps in.

3. Start your day with a fitness goal

Broadcast your fitness goal for the day to help you keep yourself accountable for accomplishing it. So stand up and get your workout done!

4. Follow your Watch commands

Besides hitting your daily fitness goals, your mental health and your over-all well-being is just as important. Your Apple Watch reminds you to breathe, stand up, and more. Make sure you exercise mindful minutes while you take care of your physical health.

5. Watch workout videos on your Mac or iPad and follow it!

Different cycle houses and fitness centers have taken the lead to help you stay active at home. These leading fitness gurus have made their lessons free to help our community. Some even set up work out from home Instagram challenges.

Get to know them and give their workouts a try:



CycleHouse Mnl

YogaHub Cebu

Electric Studio

Ride Revolution

Saddle Row

How did your workout go? Let us know!

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