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Cygnett Power Banks you will need

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Picture this: you're about to board the plane. You looked at your phone to check the time, and realize your phone is about to die!

"Ah it's fine, I'll just use my iPad to listen to music or watch a movie to pass time", you thought. But when you got to your seat, all ready to watch your favorite movie, it's at 20%.

Such an "UGH!" moment, right?

Well, thank the heavens for power banks, portable chargers, battery packs, or however you want to call them. In this tech-driven generation, power banks are considered a lifesaver.

Here are two portable power solution for your phone, tablet, bluetooth accessories, cameras, or even your laptop from Cygnett.

For extra battery juice

The ChargeUp Boost, available in 10000 mAh and 15000 mAh, is perfect for your smartphone device. Featuring the latest in Lithium Polymer Battery technology, the ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank provides power at your fingertips for when you need it most.

Battery Capacity

Cygnett included a handy digital display so you’ll always know how much power you have left. Also, The battery will automatically turn itself off when not in use, saving that precious battery power for when you need it next.

Power Output and Compatibility

The ChargeUp Boost features 12 Watt output with dual USB-A ports allowing you to charge two items simultaneously giving you a highly convenient and portable power bank. You can use it to charge a huge variety of gadgets – everything from smartphones, to your tablet and even your camera and drone.

Design Features

Slimline and portable with dual USB-A ports means that the ChargeUp Boost is ultra-convenient too, making it the perfect addition to every backpack, handbag, briefcase and suitcase. This easily accessible device can be charged as soon as you take the ChargeUp Boost straight out of its box – we’ve pre-charged it for you so it’s ready to go!

Pricing and Availability

ChargeUp Boost 10,000 mAh - Php 2,195.00

ChargeUp Boost 15,000 mAh - Php 2,995.00

Go big or go home

Charge all your device on the fly. As both our appetite and reliance on digital devices continues to grow, so does our fear of running out of battery life. Introducing the ChargeUp Pro 27,000 mAh, a portable power solution that lets your charge three devices simultaneously on the go, including 60W USB-C output (Power Delivery) that can power your laptop for up to 16 hours!

With enough power to quickly top-up your MacBook, Tablet, Smartphone or Bluetooth earphones, the ChargeUp Pro 27K delivers all the power you need from one compact power bank.

USB-C Fast Charging for Laptops

The ChargeUp Pro 27K offers an incredible 60W USB-C output. To achieve this, Cygnett implemented Power Delivery technology which allowed it to generate four times the standard 15W for USB-C ports. The result: the ChargeUp Pro 27K delivers up to 1 full charge on a MacBook Pro 15” – one of the most power hungry notebooks on the market. Additionally, the 27K can charge a MacBook 12” 1.6 times and 1.3 times for the MacBook 13”. 

Smartphone & iPad Fast Charging

The ChargeUp Pro 27K delivers 18W fast charging for the latest iPhone models; generating 0-50% battery life in just 30 minutes (requires USB-C to Lightning cable). The ChargeUp Pro 27K can fully charge your smartphone up to 7 full times for iPhone X or 5.8 times for Galaxy S8 before requiring to be recharged. ChargeUp Pro 27K also offers 29W fast charging for iPad Pro 10.5” and 12.9” (requires USB-C to Lightning cable).

Superfast Recharge times

An often over-looked feature of Power Banks is the time it takes to charge them back up. The ChargeUp Pro 27K is able to fully recharge itself in five hours when using a USB-C wall charger, thanks to its superior 30W input. This is up to three times faster than a tradition power bank, saving you time when need a quick top up before leaving the house.

Pricing and Availability

ChargeUp Pro 27,000 mAh - Php 8,495.00

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