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Connect with your friends creatively

Reach out to your friends in a unique way with these Apple features

On a lighter note, we want to know how you are doing while on quarantine. Here are quick guesses of the things you may or may not have done!

✅ Running through new recipes on your iPad.

Pretty sure you have checked out how to make that Dalgona Coffee by now. Pro tip, there's a matcha version too.

✅ Going on streaming parties on your Mac.

People are just getting more creative nowadays from Zoom meetings to Zoom stream parties!

✅ Closing your activity rings on your Watch.

With traffic to be your least priority now, one point or another we're pretty sure you've tried to close activity rings. If you haven't, we recommend this to be part of your daily routine to boost your immune system.

✅ Playing new games or browsing your social sites on your iPhone.

Getting updated with the latest news or just having some downtime by yourself, we know you've increased on your daily screen time tracking.

Did we guess accurately? You may have been running out of new things to do while on quarantine. Here's how you can still stay social during social distancing (see what we did there? 😉)

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Which one have you tried so far? Share it with us!

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