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Apps that make working alone or with a team easier.

Overwhelmed with too many things to do? Get them out of your head and onto a list. Doo converts your messy chores into minimalist cards that you swipe to either action or snooze.

GoodTask syncs with Reminders and Calendar to build on top of your existing workflow. And Things organizes tasks into manageable projects and lets you view only the things you can (or want to) accomplish right now.

Get the team together

Sometimes it takes a village to get things done. Trello consolidates big projects into tidy cards, which you can then crush solo or invite others to collude on. Or unite your tribe with Slack, a communication app that involves more than chatting. Sort conversations into sensible channels, share files and turn talk into teamwork. Here's an introduction to Slack

Trello in a nutshell

Steer your schedule

You can't make more time, but you can make the most of your time. Fantastical uses natural language processing to make planning a breeze. For example, type "Meeting with CEO tomorrow" and the app cleverly creates an appointment for the next day. And to set up short-term reminders, try Gestimer. The app creates descriptive times, so you'll know to move along to your next task in 20 minutes to meet your deadlines. Watch how Gestimer works

Shape your ideas

These apps ensure you'll never miss a big idea. Notability and Noted record audio as you type and synchronize that to what you've written for easy reference. Agenda lets you attach dates to your notes to make it easier to find notes from a particular day or meeting. MindNode helps you create elaborate mind-map diagrams in which overarching ideas branch off into smaller, related ones. And the venerable app Evernote offers many ways to organize your endless stacks of notes.

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