If you’re integrating new technologies, it’s important that your existing ones are able to deal with the change, and that includes your servers and WiFi. We can look at your existing setup and make sure that’s it up to scratch and ready for Mac and PCs.

Project Planning

Thanks to years of experience working with Macs, project planning is one of biggest benefits of working with us. We understand that every project is different (after all, every school is different!), and will ensure that your Apple deployment is a success.

Within our team, we have experienced consultants who will work with you to understand your institution’s needs. They’ve spent years working within the creative industries, and can design you a solution based on your existing set up. Along with their technical skills, they have the capabilities to make IT easy for teachers.

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Infrastructure is one of the most important things to consider before rolling out a 1:1 deployment of iPad or notebook devices. Without proper WiFi coverage and capacity, your students and staff are going to struggle to make the most out of the devices you’ve invested in, suffering from signal black spots, slow-loading files and web pages, and the indignity of being booted off the network because too many people are in the IT lab next door. Fatpipe by OPTIMUS Innovative Technologies is a simple, cost-effective way to improve capacity and coverage without going over budget or exposing your network to any viral nasties.




iPad and Mac learning tour

The iPad and Mac learning tour is SWITCH initiative for helping schools learn about the 1:1 project. Here we invite the educators to try out the iPads or Macs for learning environment. and have an hands-on experience on what 21st century learning will be like with iPads or Macs.

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To get students really engaged with their work, iPad is the way to go, it’s revolutionising learning, making it more mobile and intuitive, and improving engagement and knowledge retention in the process. iPad empowers students to learn anytime, anywhere, and there are literally thousands of education-specific apps available that level the playing field for every type of learner.

Check our 1:1 Project roll-out with MINT COLLEGE.

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As an educator, you have the influence to mold your students to become better thinkers and creators. Switch, through the Apple Professional Development workshops, will teach you on how to better utilize Apple’s products to support your projects and curriculum. These short learning classes will give you the confidence to innovate learning through the use of Apple devices and the available apps that you can adopt to your programs.

There are several workshops to choose from:


Foundations (for Beginners), Curriculum (for Creators) and Support (for Technical staff). Depending on how basic or intensive your educational requirement is, there is a course that will best suit you.

All Apple Professional Development workshops may be broken into two half-day sessions to accommodate a variety of groupings and are located at your own venue. Please contact us to discuss the workshop sessions and format that suit your requirements.

Please contact us at or call/txt 0917-801-2247 to find out more about the APD offering and details!

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